Girl married her childhood friend, after finding out she had a few months left to live

Amber’s dream came true… A sad and romantic story of childhood lovers

Amber Shelham and Callum Firks were childhood friends. They often spent time together, and only a year ago realized they were more than friends.

The guy always supported Amber since the moment she began her fight against cancer. The operation and several chemotherapies were difficult for her, but he was always there.

A few years later, the disease receded, and the young people began to think about a future together. However, the troubles came back. Amber was found to have an inoperable brain tumor, and doctors regretfully stated the fact that she had only a few months left to live.

Callum knew, that his beloved one waited for their wedding, so he decided that nothing could prevent them from it.

The guy turned to kind-hearted netizens, who helped him raise money for their dream wedding.

Very soon the couple was enjoying the incredibly beautiful and emotional ceremony.

Most importantly, Amber’s dream came true!

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