Girl dropped 200 kg and married the love of her life: Look how much she’s changed!

Motivation, faith and perseverance are able to break any bad habit

Food addiction is a scourge of our time, no doubt. And at the age of 34, Niki Webstrern considered herself a real addict. Food has been the meaning of her life since childhood. But when her weight exceeded 275 kilograms, the situation became critical.

Niki couldn’t cope with her insatiable appetite. There was no question of any diets. The poor girl never had the patience for this. Only fatty, sweet, super-high-calorie food in large volumes. Being overweight has made Webstrern’s life a living hell. Over time, it became difficult for her to get out of bed on her own, take a shower and even walk. The woman had to move in with her parents. Strangely, their daughter’s unhealthy addiction to food did not bother them at all. And they even rebuilt the stairs in such a way as to deliver Niki’s food to the second floor.

“My body has become a burden to me. It hurts all the time. I get tired very quickly, but I just can’t help eating and it’s unbearable. I know my weight is killing me. My sister forbids her children to see me, so that the terrible appearance of their aunt does not traumatize the child’s psyche,” Niki shared her misfortune.

The turning point in the woman’s life came after she was invited to take part in the TV show “I weigh 300 kilograms”. Niki decided to have surgery to remove part of her stomach. Together with her father, Terry, she left Arkansas and went to Texas for a consultation with Dr. Nazardan, a rare specialist who treats the most severe cases of obesity. At the consultation, Webstrern was informed that she would have to lose 20 kilograms on her own. And only then will she be able to have an operation. The woman went on a strict diet and, three months later, was ready for the gastric bypass procedure. Before the operation, the woman was haunted by some fears and concerns. She was afraid that she would return to the old habit of overeating or not even undergo surgery. But everything went well. And a year later, Niki managed to lose 90 kilograms. To consolidate the result, Webstrern additionally communicated with a psychotherapist. She just needed to get to the fundamental cause of her obesity in order to permanently eradicate the addiction to food.

But her success did not end there. After Nikki lost a total of 160 kilograms, doctors approved an operation to remove excess skin. And this is still minus 25 kilograms on the way to a healthy life. Unfortunately, Nikki had to undergo another operation, as after removing the skin, she had internal bleeding. But everything went without complications, and the woman quickly went on the mend.
When you look at this cutie, it’s hard to believe that some couple of years ago it was an unhappy woman with a weight under 300 kilograms. Today Nikki weighs 90, and she follows her diet and feels amazing. Recently our heroine has also found female happiness.

Niki Marcus’ beloved offered her his hand and heart.
The example of Niki Webstrern proves that there is nothing stronger than motivation, faith and perseverance. They are able to break any bad habit and laziness.

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