“Girl Became a Man”: Cher’s daughter changed her gender 9 years ago

He is now happy with his new appearance

Cher (birth name – Cherilyn Sarkisian) is a famous American singer and actress. The celebrity is already 76 years old. in 1969, Cher gave birth to a daughter and became a mother for the first time. The parents named her Chastity.

Sonny Bono, Cher’s husband, was incredibly happy about the birth of his first daughter. Although he busy with his career, Sonny did his best to spend enough time with his family.

Chastity grew up introverted. She very rarely left her room, mostly because her peers used to bully her for her weight.

At that time it was difficult to find fashionable plus size clothes for women, so Chastity started wearing only jeans and shirts.

As an adult, Chastity admitted that she didn’t have any romantic feelings towards males, and is much more interested in women.

In 2008, Chastity firmly decided to stick to hormones and ancillary medicine, and even underwent a gender affirmation surgery.

In 2010, Chastity officially became a man, changing her gender and name by the court’s decision. Now he is Chaz Bono.

13 years have already passed since the gender transformation and Chaz has already got used to his new lifestyle.

In his quite difficult path of life, Chaz has learned a lot of interesting things. He decided to put all his knowledge and experience in a documentary film, which was released in 2011. Later he also published a book.

Currently Chaz is a human rights activist and works in a major magazine. He is already 53 years old. It didn’t take Chaz a long time to adapt to his new appearance. Moreover, he managed to lose a few pounds and now looks really handsome. He has found a girlfriend and is happy.

Chaz is also engaged in the film industry. He appears in two seasons of “American Horror Story” and wants to develop in acting.

Here is what he looks like in present:

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