“Genetic Lottery”: The sons of handsome Brendan Fraser and what they do

It seems the boys are going to surpass their father one day

Brendan Fraser won the hearts of fans with his memorable performances in movies like “George of the Jungle” and “The Mummy.” Despite facing challenges in the demanding world of Hollywood, he emerged triumphant, and his successes became even sweeter. In a remarkable comeback, he eventually earned a well-deserved “Oscar” award. Throughout his arduous journey, Brendan found unwavering support from his cherished sons.

Interestingly, Brendan Fraser is a father to three children, a fact not widely known. His children prefer to lead private lives, opting to stay away from the limelight and camera’s glare.

However, on a special occasion like an awards ceremony, Brendan’s two sons, Holden and Leland, made a rare appearance to show their unwavering support for their father. Their presence caused quite a stir, as they inherited their father’s striking good looks from his youth.

Each of the actor’s sons possesses unique qualities that set them apart. Holden exudes rugged handsomeness, boasting a well-built physique and a confident gaze. On the other hand, Leland captivates with his long red hair, displaying an androgynous charm.

The audience couldn’t help but be captivated by this beautiful family. It’s important to note that their eldest son, Griffin, is shielded from unnecessary attention, as he is diagnosed with autism. At the age of 20, Griffin is surrounded by love and care, receiving the devoted support of his doting father.

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