“Genes are to blame!”: No one believed this was the girl’s natural appearance until they met her mom

The excitement doubled when the mother started posting her own photos!

Photos can no longer be considered hard evidence of events, phenomena or people, because photoshop and other editing apps make it possible to achieve any result we want. Everything now depends on the imagination of the author.

Similarly, people refused to believe that this was the natural appearance of this baby from Thailand. Network users were more than sure that her mother was editing the photos, making her daughter look like a doll.

But as soon as the girl’s mother shared a photo of herself next to her daughter, everyone was in shock, and the skeptics quiet down. They started looking for some photos where the little girl looked different than in the other one, just to prove their point.

That’s how this cutie became popular.

People are still looking for some evidence, but it seems the genes are to blame!

When her mom started posting her own photos, the excitement doubled. The young woman herself is incredible beautiful, almost unreal!

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