“Gained weight and became a beauty”: what does the girl who weighed only 30 kilograms two years, ago look like today?

Today the girl is in excellent physical and mental state

Sarah Rav is only a little over twenty years old, but there have been many difficulties in her life, including health problems.

The thing is that at one point the girl wanted to lose weight. However, as a result, she pushed her body to the limit.

During a certain period of time, Sarah took only 350 calories a day, while doing intense workouts.

Thus, the girl brought her weight to the mark of 30kg. She began to have problems with her skin and hair.

Sarah studied at a medical university, and the teachers began to notice that recently the girl had become very weak.

Many of them advised her to see a doctor, but our heroine continued to delay this idea. This led to the girl’s emergency hospitalization.

Doctors examined the girl and prescribed her a certain treatment. At the same time, Rav had to work out her mental problems, since they are the most difficult to recognize.

In two years, our heroine was able to regain almost 20kg. She started training using a different training system, which involved gaining muscle mass. At the same time, the student herself admitted for a long time that she could not recover from the illness.

However, today the girl is in excellent physical and mental shape. She looks great, charming her fans online.

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