From the a nightclub owner to actors: men who shook Demi Moore’s psyche

She has gone through a lot even since her childhood!

On November 11, the famous Hollywood actress turns 59 years old. Demi’s life was not like a fairy tale. The relationship with her parents left much to be desired, at the beginning of her career she had to be content with episodic roles and even star in adult films. And the personal life of the actress was not so happy (like the last marriage with Ashton Kutcher).

However, Demi coped with all these difficulties and today continues to amaze fans with her new works, social outings and cute photos with her beloved daughters, whom she considers the main achievement in life. In our new material we tell about which of the actress’s men turned her life into a nightmare, which of them she cheated on and with whom she was really happy.

The first man who betrayed Demi was her father. He left his wife Virginia King shortly after the birth of his daughter. The man did not even seek to be involved in the upbringing and life of his child. Little Demi’s father was replaced by Dan Guynes, whom her mother married.

Until the age of 15, the future actress considered him her father, and she found out the truth when she accidentally found a birth certificate. It was her stepfather’s last name that she wore until a certain time. However, Dan was also not a very good parent: like his wife, he often drank and made scandals at home.

By the way, the biological father still showed up when his daughter had already become a world-famous actress. He dreamed of meeting his granddaughters, but Moore did not want to let him into her life and was against the parent’s communication with her children.

First Man

Virginia, after breaking up with Dan, moved to Hollywood with her daughter. The woman was drinking and several times even tried to take her own life. Demi recalled how, as a child, she took pills from her mother’s mouth, which she swallowed to die. King was constantly disappearing into nightclubs, where she took her daughter. Many men paid attention to the pretty and young Demi and treated her mother to alcoholic beverages.

In 2019, the actress released an autobiography in which she told a shocking story. It turned out that at the age of 15 she was raped by a man, the owner of a nightclub, who gave Virginia $500 for spending time with her daughter. After the abuse, he asked the girl: “What does it feel like when you get abused for $500?”.

Moore said it took her years to cope with depression and psychological trauma. “It was a rape and betrayal of the person closest to me,” the actress said on the show Good Morning America.

After this incident, she decided to leave home, dropped out of school and began to build a career that began with filming in adult films. According to Demi, she decided to do this because after the rape she was a mentally traumatized and deeply unhappy woman.

In her autobiography, the actress explained that those who had the same sad experience often go to the porn industry. By her example, the star wanted to show that it is important to cope with all the trials, not to give up on ourselves, but to go forward.

Marriage to a Rock-Musician

Young Demi was crazy about the rock musician Freddy Moore. The pretty girl was able to attract the attention of the artist she met in one of the nightclubs. Freddy was 12 years older than Demi, and he was married at the time. But this stopped neither the musician nor his new lover.

Moore soon divorced his wife and married 17-year-old Demi. This marriage lasted only five years, and during this time the actress managed to be disappointed in her chosen one and realize that he is not as beautiful and good as she imagined him to be. Later, the actress admitted that she did not consider him a real and strong man.

In addition, it turned out that Freddy was abusing alcohol and illegal substances. After the divorce, Demi herself became addicted to drugs and alcohol – apparently, this was how she healed emotional wounds and experienced separation from her first husband.

Unsuccessful Attempt to Get Married

In the mid-80s, Moore had an affair with actor Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen’s brother. The actress was so in love that she wanted to start a family with the young man. The couple has already managed to choose a date for the wedding and send out invitations to the ceremony, which eventually did not take place.

The engagement was terminated because Demi found out about the infidelity of her beloved. First he cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend, and then he was seen in the company of other women. The actress was very worried, so she even went to a psychotherapist, who told her: “If you marry him, you will ruin your life.”

As a result, Moore canceled the wedding. Although this decision was not easy for her, she still left Emilio.

Beloved Bruce

In 1987, the actress met Hollywood star Bruce Willis, who always paid special attention to pretty girls, and that was exactly what Demi was. A whirlwind romance that lasted four months led to a wedding. People could not believe for a long time that Moore and Willis actually decided to start a family.

“No one has even taken care of me like this before. Bruce was very gallant — pathetic in his own way, but at the same time a real gentleman. When I said it was time for me to go home, he offered to walk me to my car. And he was so excited at the same time ,like a little boy who doesn’t want to miss an ice cream truck. When he wanted to know my number, I felt a wave of awe that schoolgirls usually experience,” Demi recalled the beginning of their romance.

The actors were madly in love and didn’t seem to notice anyone around. However, this idyll was only in the first months, and the marriage itself was not so happy. It turns out that the spouses got drunk, brawled, and sometimes even fought. Sometimes it got to the point that they needed the police to calm the raging lovers.

Perhaps the actors would have parted at the very beginning if they had not learned the good news — they would have a child. Demi and Bruce pulled themselves together, stopped drinking and brawling and decided to become a proper family. And they really did it: three daughters were born in the marriage, and the actors themselves were at the peak of popularity at that time.

Moore has become one of the most in-demand and highly paid actresses in Hollywood. She had everything she once dreamed of in her youth. Everyone loved the couple Demi and Bruce very much, many believed that they would always be together and, as in fairy tales, would die one day. Only the end of this story was not at all fabulous.

In 2000, the couple announced their divorce.

As it turned out, their family was only perfect from the outside, but in fact each of them had affairs on the side. At first, Bruce went back to his old ways and did not miss a single beautiful young girl. Offended and disappointed, Demi decided to take revenge on him and also spent time with other men.

One day Willis was jealous of his wife and Patrick Swayze, with whom she starred in the movie Ghost, and decided to deal with a rival. The actor came to the set with a baseball bat and was ready to fight with Patrick. Fortunately, Demi stopped him in time, assuring him that there was nothing between her and Swayze.

The spouses often quarreled, and Bruce constantly said that his wife had changed a lot and was no longer the beautiful and kind woman he had fallen in love with. Fortunately, after the breakup, Moore and Willis were able to remain friends.

“They say that in marriage, the spouse first sees his partner as a lover and best friend, and eventually just lives with him out of habit. That’s exactly what happened to me and Bruce. Only we barely had time to be spouses before we became parents. In the first year of our relationship, a passionate and instant infatuation with each other grew into a complete family, but when reality made itself felt, I don’t know if we really knew each other. Our life has turned into the coordination of everyday issues and the regulation of work schedules,” the actress admitted.

The Third Failed Marriage

Three years after the divorce, Demi admitted that she is happy in a new relationship with actor Ashton Kutcher, who is 16 years younger than her. Initially, no one believed in this union. What sincere feelings can there be when there is such a misalliance.

However, in 2005, the lovers got married and were together for almost 10 years. The spouses were to have a baby, but in the sixth month of pregnancy, Demi had a miscarriage.

“I had to do my best to match the image of the wife that he imagined. I put him first, even though he didn’t ask me to. This is exactly what my mother and grandmother did at the time, and I adopted it for my relationship. I wanted to save our marriage, and I was ready to do anything to achieve this,” the actress admitted.

She even agreed to a free relationship and threesome sex, constantly forgave her husband for infidelity. In her autobiography, Moore said that she felt very bad when she found out about Kutcher’s new lovers. She was especially struck by the connection with a young girl whom her husband brought to their home.

“My internal reaction was disgust. And after it became known that he still showed interest in her, I felt I was stabbed in the back, as if he was saying : “Fuck you!”, Demi complained.

In 2011, exactly a week after the actress’ birthday, Kutcher packed up and left home. The divorce process ended two years later. By the way, this separation cost Ashton a fortune, the owner of which was Demi Moore.

Money didn’t make her happier

The actress was so worried about the divorce that she literally went all out. She started drinking and using illegal substances, and at that time she practically forgot about her beloved daughters.

“Mom turned our life into hell. It was a very difficult period. It’s like the sun went down and a monster appeared. Her manner of speech changed, her eyes darted, she became more violent and aggressive,” said the youngest daughter Tallulah.

“It was like I came out of my own body, and then I came back, as if someone had given me a chance,” Moore recalled.

This incident helped her to change her life. The actress pulled herself together, stopped drinking and using drugs, and her beloved children helped her cope with the problems.

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