“From duckling to swan.” How Salma Hayek’s daughter has changed with age.

For Salma Hayek’s daughter, media attention is nothing_new. She had long been accustomed to going out with her mother. Valentina is not afraid of cameras, because she wants to become an actress, and later a director. She spoke about this in a new interview. Salma and Valentina also starred together for the first time in an unusual photo shoot for a glossy_magazine . Very natural shots came out, and the faces of the star mother and her daughter graced the cover of Vogue.

Many people liked the images of mother and daughter. Comfortable outfits, light_makeup and simple_hairstyles. “I’ve loved Salma for a long time. Her daughter is also beautiful. But she has nothing in common with her mother’s beauty,” “My daughter reminds me of Jessica Alba,” “They are simply incredible. Valentina inherited her mother’s beauty and her father’s elegance. She looks gorgeous and matches her age,” “What a transformation. Straight from an ugly duckling to a swan” , “The girl has become so prettier”, “The pretty girl has grown up. As a child, many people called her ugly, but it’s okay, she grew into a nice girl. It’s difficult for the daughters of beautiful women, and when the mother is a star, it’s even more difficult ,” users on the Internet comment on recent photos of Salma and Valentina.

Interview with Salma Hayek and her daughter

In general, the interview between Salma and Valentina was devoted to family_relationships between mother and daughter. Salma said that she and Valentina are very close . You can say that they are best friends. But, of course, there are some points due to which quarrels can arise between them. Half-jokingly, Salma admitted that most often she and Valentina fight because her daughter steals things from her mother’s closet. Although there is definitely no shortage of fashionable outfits in the house. After all, Valentina’s father, Henri Pinault , is the owner of the Kering_conglomerate, which includes_the_brands_Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and others.

Although Salma and Valentina sometimes quarrel, they have their own special tricks. They love to talk to each other in Spanish , Salma’s native language. It’s especially funny when there are a lot of people around and mother and daughter want to discuss something, but not publicly. That’s when Spanish helps.

Hayek also touched on the topic of her late motherhood. Of course, every woman has her own understanding of the word “late.” But Salma herself says that her motherhood can really be described this way.

“My case was special because I became_a_mother_very_late . I did it because I found a life partner who already had a stable_career, and I already wanted a child so much that nothing_else_mattered to me: not my career, not anything else. I think it helped me a lot ,” the actress shared.

Salma really put her career on pause for some time for the sake of her daughter . When Valentina was three years old, the actress gradually began to return to work and travel. According to Salma, her daughter is quite independent and values ​​her personal space. But like any child, Valentina still requires attention. Therefore, even after returning to filming, Salma Hayek set her priorities so that her family came first.

What does Salma Hayek’s daughter do?

Valentina, at 14, was already able to realize what was most important to her at this stage of her life. Yes, she has big plans for the future: to become an actress and director. But now Valentina pays most of her attention to helping others . She is concerned about the fate of low-income people, so the girl got a job as a volunteer in a canteen for the needy. The girl not only sympathizes with the homeless, but also tries to help them.

“When people see_someone_sleeping on the street, they have one reaction: they sympathize, but they don’t want to get close. I think it’s important to come closer and listen, and not ignore them and believe that this is not your problem ,” Valentina is sure. Well, commendable!

We are very happy for Salma Hayek. Her dream of motherhood came true. We wish her daughter success so that her plans also come true.

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