“From Commuter Bus to Cozy Home”: The Transformation of a Double-Decker

Back in the 1950s, nobody thought that this double-decker bus would become someone’s home one day.

But before it retired, it had a long journey. First, it was a bus for commuters in Manchester, UK. Then, it traveled to San Francisco and later to Mt. St. Helens, where it was used for tours.

After its active days, it was bought by Matt, who turned it into a food truck. In Portland, Oregon, it became famous as the Grilled Cheese Grill for nine years.

Then, Whit Scott bought it for $8,000 and transformed it into a tiny home with the help of family members over five months, spending a total of about $22,000.

Scott is proud of how the tiny home looks today and has been renting it on Airbnb since August.

The inside has a small kitchenette with a microwave and mini fridge, a sitting area with whimsical paintings, a tiny but cute bathroom with a shower, sink, and composting toilet, and an upstairs bedroom with a queen-sized bed.

Outside, Scott and his father created a little patio for guests to relax.

Scott, who used to work on a computer, decided to change his life and now renovates airstreams, calling himself a “tiny house maker.”

Both Scott and his double-decker bus are enjoying their new lives!

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