France’s most controversial first lady, Brigitte Macron! How she looked in her youth

The unusual couple that are made for each other

French President Emmanuel Macron is happily married to his teacher Brigitte. The couple attracts the interest of both journalists and ordinary people. All because the spouse is 24 years older.

The future president fell in love with his teacher when he was only 16 years old. The young man was not confused by the fact that Brigitte was more suitable to be his mother.

All the details of this love story can be found in the book “Brigitte Macron, frankly.”

The wife of the President of France was born in Amiens in the family of a pastry chef. There were many children in the family.

Little Brigitte (on her mother’s lap) with her parents and siblings

The beautiful girl with blue eyes somewhat resembled Brigitte Bardot. Some acquaintances often told her about it.

The girl became the wife of a successful banker early (at the age of 21). She gave her husband three children. Despite three births, Brigitte remained as slender as she was in her youth. Once the world-famous couturier Karl Lagerfeld said that no one else in Paris has legs like Madame Macron.

The future president met his wife in college. He studied with Brigitte’s daughter. The girl told her mother about her unusual classmates. She was amazed at his erudition. It seemed that Emmanuel knew about everything in the world. In addition, the young 16-year-old guy composed poetry and studied music. The young man was called a prodigy in college for his erudition and broad knowledge in various fields.

Brigitte taught French and Latin at the college. She also organized a theater group. Emmanuel signed up for the circle and immediately drew attention to a pretty teacher who was 40 years old at that time. Unbeknownst to himself, Macron fell in love with the teacher.

He wasn’t the only one who had feelings for his teacher. Several boys, like Emmanuel, dreamed of Brigitte. They liked her because she was able to find a common language with the guys. The teacher also had a sense of humor.

In order to see Brigitte more often, Emmanuel signed up for additional lessons. He liked talking to the teacher. They had a lot in common.

The young man’s parents noticed their son’s increased interest in literature and dramatic art. Therefore, they decided to send their son to the Paris Lyceum. Just before leaving, Emmanuel directly told the teacher that she would become his wife anyway.

While studying in Paris, Macron talked to the teacher on the phone. They could talk for hours and it didn’t bother them. When Emmanuel came of age, they began dating. Brigitte herself came to Paris to the young man, coming up with various excuses for her husband.

When it became known about the affair of the teacher and the student, they had to go through a lot of negativity in their address. Friends and relatives could not accept a couple with such an age difference. As for the husband, he left home and could never forgive his wife. He didn’t even give Brigitte a divorce. Therefore, for 10 years she and Emmanuel were together, but there was no uncertainty in their relationship.

Macron wanted Brigitte to become his lawful wife. This became possible when she divorced her husband. Then they were married. Brigitte’s children came to the ceremony. They accepted their mother’s choice. Emmanuel Macron thanked them for this, because not everyone was able to accept their unusual couple.

People who are in close contact with the Macron family say that they are simply made for each other. 24 years of difference are visible only at the first moment. Then you just forget about it. They are a very harmonious and loving couple.

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