Fourth pregnancy became a “gift in a bitter packaging”

This woman had already had 3 sons, so she and her husband wanted a daughter. However, ultrasonography showed something that made the couple make a difficult choice.

Very often our plans differ from those of our fate. But it is at such moments that a person becomes stronger. 

Life presented this couple with an incomparable gift. But it was wrapped in a bitter packaging. The young parents faced a situation where they had to make an uneasy choice. Luckily everything ended successfully.

Chloe and Rohan Dunstan brought up 3 sons, therefore they really wanted a daughter. However, the fourth pregnancy was noticeably different than the previous ones. Her belly was growing unimaginably.

The reason got clear on ultrasonography. Turned out, Chloe was keeping triplets under her heart! And among them there was the daughter they were dreaming of.

One of the babies, unfortunately, was not getting oxygen properly. And that was the girl. The young parents were to choose – give premature birth in order to save the baby. But with this the two boys were in danger. Or they could do the opposite – give birth to two healthy boys sacrificing the daughter.

The Dunstans decided to have all three. In order to be aware of the condition and developments of the babies, Chloe did ultrasonography every day. The daughter made her parents just happy, as at the end of the pregnancy she got stronger. In the third trimester, Chloe gave birth to premature babies. Thus, the newborns had to spend a few weeks in reanimation, as their lives still were in danger.

Fortunately, the triplets proved to be incredibly strong from the very first day. Nine weeks later the boys were already taken home. And even when the girl still had to stay in hospital for half a month to gain strength, at the end the family was reunited!

The young parents are now happy they made the right choice back then. After all the hardships they had to overcome, Dunstans really became a friendly and strong family.

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