For many years he hated his father because of THIS gift!

A young man, having graduated from the college, was sure his father would give him a car for his successful diploma. So, for several months the young guy would visit the showroom of a dealer center and admire a beautiful sport car. With this he tried to draw his father’s attention to this exact exhibit.

And the long-awaited day came! In the morning, before the graduation ceremony, the father invited the young man for a walk to discuss something. In anticipation of a new car, the son happily accepted the invitation. The father and son walked along the shady alley and chatted about nothing special. The young man was about to explode overwhelmed with emotions. “Come on! Hurry up and tell me about my present! About my beautiful car. Come on!”, he turned to his father mentally.

Finally, the father started talking about how proud he was with his smart and ambitious son. He talked about the bright future awaiting him both professional and personal, and about how much he loved him. They reached the house and at the end of his heart-warming speech the father gave the young man a beautifully wrapped gift box.

With his hands trembling from eagerness the young man tore up the wrapping paper and opened the box. A bitter sigh of disappointment involuntarily came out from his chest. There was a beautifully published, leather-bound Bible!

“All this money, and you are giving me a Holy Book?”, filled with anger and bitterness asked the man to his father, and throwing the Bible on the table, ran away from the house.

During the following years, the man didn’t get in touch with his father and didn’t care how he lived without the love and care of his son.

The young man became a successful businessman with an amazing family and a big house in another city. But one day, he thought about his prosperous life and realized he was doing something wrong. He shouldn’t have treated his father that way. Surely, he should visit his father and talk to him.

When the son returned to the same old house, from where he had once escaped in anger, and never came back, a sudden sadness and regret gripped him. There was a note from his father left on the table. It said, that the father had moved to live in another country, and was leaving the house to his son. While sorting things out, he came across the same Bible. Memories flooded his mind.

He started to carefully look through the book thinking about his father and about the day he treated him badly. Reaching the last page, he suddenly noticed keys and documents of a car taped on the page. The exact same car! He found the receipt testifying that a full payment was made for the purchase back then, 20 years ago!

The moral of this story: how often do we ignore God’s blessings when they are not wrapped the way we expected?

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