For 20 years the mother worked abroad to help her 7 children. On the day of her arrival her son surprised her at the airport!

For 20 years Teresita Alcazare worked as a maid in Hong Kong to earn money for her 7 children living in the Philippines. On June 10, when Teresita finished her working experience, her son Hans Alcazare took her straight from the airport in Hong Kong on a tour to Southeast Asia. The kids say, their mother didn’t have to work any more when she returned to Philippines. The fact is, they had saved up enough money for their monthly costs, while she was working abroad.

“We are very lucky to have a mother like her”, Hans has written on his Facebook page.

Life used to be very hard for this family. People working in hotels of Hong Kong earn more than at home, but they can only count on a week of paid vacation per year. Hans has written, he was extremely upset when his mother left for work. He was 6 back then, and the youngest child in the family.

Living in Hong Kong, Teresita had saved up money for her children to go to school. She doesn’t even remember the last time she bought something for herself. Hans Alcazare is currently working as a civil engineer. His brothers and sisters also had the chance to go to college and chose their favorite professions.

“There are already a certified accountant, a teacher, a nurse, a pharmacist and a midwife, a civil engineer and a master plumber in the family, and soon there will also be an information technologist”, wrote Hans in a letter to his mother.

“I am happy to see my mother smiling!”

His post spread on the whole internet, and everyone praised Hans for being such a responsible and grateful son!

“Everyone is proud of you. Your mom is lucky to have you as her son!”, a Facebook user wrote under Hans’s post.

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