Famous McCaughey septuplets: What the family looks like after 24 years

The birth of these septuplets was a real miracle!

Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey already had one child in the family, but they wanted another one for complete happiness. However, Kenny had some health problems and couldn’t get pregnant for the second time. That is why the spouses decided on an IVF. The doctors used 7 embryos, believing that only one of them would develop. Surprisingly, all 7 embryos survived and in 1997 the McCaughey family had 7 newborns at once.

The birth of the septuplets was a real miracle! They all weighed 1,5kg, but unfortunately, two of them were born with cerebral palsy. After several successful surgeries, the two babies were already able to stand and even walk.

The media found out about this incredible case and it went viral on the Internet. However, very soon the family found itself in a very difficult situation. They had financial problems and were unable to take proper care of all babies. Fortunately, thanks to the articles written about them the public learnt about the family and started helping them.

After a while, the large family received a big house as charity and the members were also provided with free meals. Many universities were ready to accept all 7 siblings after graduating from high school. 24 years have already passed since their birth. Here are the septuplet siblings!

Meet Natalie – a girl who wants to become a primary school teacher. Currently she is a student.

Brandon wants to join the army and serve his country.

Kelsey was born weighing only 907g. She has a beautiful voice and a talent, so she wants to try her hand at music industry. Currently she sings in the school choir.

Here is Kenny. He is a student at Des Moines Community College. Since childhood, he has wanted to become a builder so now he studies construction.

Alexis is one of the siblings born with cerebral palsy. She also wants to become a teacher.

Like Alexis, Nathan was also born with cerebral palsy. He has a great mind and wants to become a scientist.

Joel was born the last. Currently he studies at Hannibal-LaGrange University. In the future he wants to engage in computer science.

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