“Exploring Tiny Happiness”: Woman Finds Happiness in Tiny House Lifestyle After Divorce

Ending a long relationship can change your life a lot. It depends on how you take it—either as a chance to grow or feeling really sad.

Jen Gressett had a good life. She was married with two kids, living in a big house near Boulder, Colorado.

Then, her life changed when her 18-year marriage ended. Jen wanted to move forward but found that houses in her area were too expensive. So, she found out about tiny houses on social media.

Now, Jen, who is 51 and a designer, lives in a small, 520-square-foot house with a modern farmhouse style. She shares her experiences with her 160,000 followers on Instagram.

Jen started her tiny house journey four years ago. She bought a tiny house shell for $45,000 and paid $3,000 for a floor plan. But the first builder didn’t finish it on time, so she went to another builder, MitchCraft Tiny Homes.

The pandemic made things harder. Supply problems and higher costs delayed the project. But Jen didn’t give up. She finally moved into her tiny home the following year.

The total cost was about $175,000, more than double her budget. Jen used $85,000 from selling her old house and borrowed $90,000 from a friend.

She pays $725 a month to park her tiny house on land that provides amenities like internet, water, and electricity.

Jen loves her kitchen the most. It’s small but has a lot of storage. She chose quartz countertops and added a table where she can eat and work. Open shelves show off her glassware.

Her kitchen has a fire clay sink and a propane stove. Lots of windows bring in natural light, so she doesn’t need many lights during the day.

Jen’s tiny house has solar-powered skylights that she can control with a remote.

She loves the storage under her stairs, which she uses as a pantry. Her bathroom feels like a spa. She found a unique tub that keeps the water warm, perfect after a long day.

Her loft has a big bed for her and her daughter when guests come. There’s plenty of storage for her hats and a skylight to see the stars.

Her living room has an electric fireplace and a TV she can turn to watch from the kitchen. She has a sofa, a hanging chair, and space for her to relax.

The outside of her tiny house matches the modern farmhouse style. It’s 34 by 10 feet with two pop-out lofts. There’s storage for propane tanks and outdoor gear.

Jen says you can live well on one income and don’t need to be in a relationship to afford it. She believes in experiencing life outside of your house and not being tied down by a mortgage.

She encourages others to live their best life and follow their dreams.

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