Every Saturday he treated the homeless man to coffee. One day he received something unusual in response

Joe Wilson is from Scotland. He has an unusual little habit – every Saturday morning the man goes for a walk in a park after which he has a breakfast in his favorite cafe Old Saltys. A homeless man named Daniel usually stands at the entrance of this building and sells discounted magazines.

After the breakfast, Joe always finds time to chat with this homeless man and gives him a few pounds. And as the weather got colder, the man started treating Daniel to hot coffee.

Recently, Joe, as usual, went to the cafe Old Saltys to have a breakfast. And when he asked the waitress for the bill, she said it had already been paid. Joe had no idea who that could’ve been. Then he saw Daniel’s happy face at the exit of the cafe.

It turned out, the homeless man had lately bought a lottery ticket and won 20 pounds. He wanted to express his gratitude to the man who was not indifferent to him and had always supported him. Daniel knew about Joe’s habit to have a breakfast at the cafe on Saturdays, and wanted to surprise him by paying for his traditional order.

Wilson was so moved by this event, that he wanted to share it on his Facebook page. Besides, he asked all his friends not to pass by Daniel without buying a magazine or at least smiling and greeting him.

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