Elderly man spoke his heart out at his wife’s coffin

Journalist will never forget that heartbreaking moment of pure love

A journalist happened to witness a heartbreaking moment, which impressed her so much that she wanted to share it with everyone.

She wanted to publish this story to console all those who have experienced the same tragedy.

“Today I witness an expression of pure and true love. Not the one that everyone experiences as teenagers. This one was not the passion caused by raging hormones. Not the love, that makes lovers go crazy bout each other. This love was different! They lived together their whole life, and died together on the same day!”

The journalist met a man that had lost all his life together with his beloved wife.

He approached her coffin, kissed his wife and whispered: “I know you can’t hear me, but I love you!”.

After that, tears rolled down his eyes…

Surely he had spoken those words lots of time, but this was the last time. “That was true loyalty!”, wrote April, the journalist.

April will never forget that heartbreaking moment of pure love.

“In the world we live today, promises are broken the moment they are spoken. What I saw today, was a rare treasure – the embodiment of true love!”.

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