“Doubled miracle”: How lives the family from Kazakhstan, where two Albinos sisters were born

The Kalganovs from Kazakhstan could be considered ordinary, if the two sisters – Assel and Kamila – were not born with albinism.

Turned out, that their relatives on the mother’s side also had albinism, although this is quite a rare phenomenon.

Besides the girls, there is also a boy growing up in this family. At first, he refused to believe in kinship with unusual sisters, as he inherited his father’s genes.

However, his mom explained him what albinism is, and that Assel and Kamila are definitely his sisters. Now Aldiyar tells his friends about his sisters with pleasure and considers them very unique and beautiful.

The girls are actively going for photoshoots for glossy magazines, and the elder sister – Assel – runs her own Instagram page. She’s already popular and wishes to become even more popular. She sees herself as a model in future.

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