“Didn’t want to meet his ex”: Tom Cruise refused to attend the Oscars because Nicole Kidman was also there

The actor is famous for his difficult character

The famous and beloved Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is considered a cinema legend, although her has not received the coveted Oscare statuette yet. We are sure he is going to receive one very soon. The film industry seems to ignore the actor, no matter how talented, successful and loved he is. Tom decided to act the same and ignored the ceremony of Oscar Awards, where his film “Top Gun: Maverick” was nominated in 6 ctegories, and won one.

At first, it was said that Tom was going to be abscent because of his busy schedule. Currently he is filming in a remote project. However, fans and network users did not belive this explanation. After all, this time Cruise was really close to winning the award, and he wouldn’t miss the chance due to some scheduling problems. Moreover, the actor was present at the nominees luch a day before the event.

Spotting Nicole Kidman on the red carpet, fans decided that she was the main reason of his abscence. Remember, that Nicole Kidman is Tom Cruise’s ex-wife.

Kidman looked just stunning on the red carpet, and even her present husband, cinger Kaith Urban, could not take his eyes off her.

“Tom didn’t want an awkward encounter with his ex-wife, so yeah, we can say that he didn’t arrive because of her”, some sources noted.

Such attitude might sound unbelievable, if it was not for Tom Cruise. But fans and his co-stars know that Cruise actually has a difficult character. It is possible that this was the real reason of his absence.

Tom and Nicole used to be one of the most beautiful and iconic Hollywood couples of the 90s. They got married in 1990 and adopted 2 children. The spouses divorced in 2001.

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