“Dedicated to nature conservation”: Girl climbed up a giant tree and didn’t come down for two years

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On December 10th, the 23-year-old Julia climbed a 55-meter tall tree. A crowd gathered around, and skeptics predicted she would come down the next day.

They were mistaken: Julia Hill spent the following two years atop the tree. The crowd that surrounded the tree mainly consisted of angry loggers.

The brave young woman ascended the enormous tree in protest alongside environmental activists known as “the greens.” They were demonstrating against the logging of unique forests.

As the team, equipped with bulldozers and axes, advanced towards the towering mammoth tree, Julia found herself unable to bear witness to such a destructive sight. The tree had proudly stood for over five centuries, reaching an impressive height of 60 meters, and its imminent destruction weighed heavily on her heart.

Before anyone could react, Julia had climbed almost to the top of the giant tree.

Throughout the night, she received help from like-minded individuals, who assisted her in constructing a real cabin at a height of 50 meters.

The sturdy branches of the mammoth tree could support an entire house. Julia remained in contact with the outside world through her group, and they provided her with food and necessities. However, the girl had to endure numerous challenges, including storms, cold winters, rain, and attempts to dislodge her from the tree. Gradually, news of the young rebel spread throughout the country.

Logging in that area became impossible, with even the president drawing attention to the situation.

After relentless efforts and determined advocacy, Julia managed to persuade the logging company’s management to make significant concessions. Not only did she successfully save the colossal mammoth tree that had stood for over 500 years and reached a height of 60 meters, but she also secured the preservation of an entire parcel of relic forest with a diameter of 100 meters.

Her commitment to this cause was unwavering, and she dedicated more than two years of her life to protect these natural wonders. Through her perseverance and refusal to give up, Julia Hill demonstrated the power of standing up for what she believed in and the importance of preserving our precious natural heritage.

Today, she performs up to 250 shows per year all over the world and remains wholeheartedly dedicated to nature conservation.

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