Daycare Employees Share the Most Embarrassing ‘Family Secrets’ Disclosed by a Child

Daycare workers have heard some of the most shocking family secrets from the toddlers they teach. Here are seven of the most embarrassing things children have shared with their teachers.

Toddlers love to share stories; sometimes, they can overshare and expose some of their family secrets. Daycare workers are among the people who have been told some of the most shocking things that should have remained private.

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Therefore, daycare workers shared a few of the most embarrassing stories children shared on Reddit. One of them even had the authorities called on the parents.

1. The Owl Sound
One parent asked her son’s preschool teacher what was one shocking story she’d ever been told by one of the children. The teacher said she was reading the kids a book about animals and the sounds they make.

When she got to the owl, she said, “It’s an owl, and it makes the sound Whooo! Whoooo!.” The sound triggered a memory for one of the kids, who added, “Oh! My mom makes that noise when Mom and Dad are having private time in their room!”

2. What is Daddy’s Name?
This teacher said she taught two-year-old kids, and she was asking the kids if they knew their parent’s names. She asked one boy his mother’s name and confidently responded, “Michelle.” But when it came to his father, he paused as if he had to think about the answer.

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So, to make it easy for him, the teacher asked, “What does Mommy call Daddy?” The teacher had anticipated the question would lead the little boy to his father’s actual name, but instead, he said, “Big Papa.” The daycare worker could not help but burst into laughter.

3. Finding the Bed

One daycare worker was reading a story about a mouse trying to find his bed. So, to get the children’s attention, she would ask a few warm-up questions. “When you go to sleep at night, what do you sleep on?” she asked. Most kids answered a bed or something similar, but one girl said, “My daddy sleeps on the couch.”

4. The Titanic Video
A father explained that he had bought his wife the “Titanic” film on video for her birthday after it had first come out. His son, who was three then, asked if he could watch the movie after daycare, but the father told him it was not for children and more for grown-ups like “Mommy and Daddy.”

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The next day, the father went to pick up his son from daycare and found the teacher laughing. He discovered that his son had been telling everyone it was his mother’s birthday and that his father had bought her a “special” video that only “mummies and daddies could watch.”

5. All About the Home Life

This daycare worker remembered a student who would retell everything that happened at home. The little girl spoke about how her mother clogged the toilet and her father struggled to unclog it. It got to a point where the teacher told the parents to be careful what they said around her because she repeated everything.

6. Go See a Therapist

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This Redditor clarified that they worked with young children at a private tutoring company. The tutor remembered this six-year-old girl turning to another student who had been disruptive and saying, “Go and see a therapist, darling. You sound like you need one.” The Redditor was just shocked at how the six-year-old had probably heard those words so often that she could comfortably use them in an argument.

7. Calling CPS
One Reddit user remembered a story she told at daycare that had the CPS called on her parents. She told her teacher that she was starving because she had nothing to eat at home. But the real story was that her mother had not gotten the time to get groceries, and before she left for school, she heard her mother say to her dad, “Could you pick up the groceries? I don’t want her to starve for another day tomorrow.”

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That morning, the Redditor had had breakfast but refused to eat it because it was not her usual meal. “I never saw my mom so embarrassed ever again,” she admitted.

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