Creative woman built a mini-house for herself

Hard work always pays off!

Michelle is from Sherwood, Oregon. She used to work in a cafe as a waitress and had a low income.

Michelle didn’t own a house and had to pay $1300 monthly for an apartment. Very soon she started thinking about real estate.

Now Michelle is completely engaged in this industry.

Michelle is a single mother taking care of her children. With the salary of a waitress it was very difficult for her to take care off he children and deal with all problems.

For a long time it remained a dream for the woman to have her own house. It was impossible to save up some money in her condition.

When her children grew up and moved out of their apartment to live separately, everything changed for Michelle. A part of her costs was decreased, so now she was able to save up.

She started looking for a small piece of land and bought it. Then she started building her own mini-house. The bedroom is on the second floor, the bathroom is combined, which means the toilet and the bath are together. There is a kitchen where Michelle likes to cook. And the cozy living room complements the whole look of the house.

This helped the woman to minimize her costs. Now she only has to pay $55 a month.

But this is not all! The news about this comfy house spread in the province and now many people turn to her for some help.

People consult with her and with her help another such house was built. Surely, she gets paid for this. Now we can say that this has become Michelle’s small business.

Currently, Michelle can afford going on vacations, about which she couldn’t even dream in the past.

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