“Confidence starts things out”: Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday With Sisters (102 And 104 Years Old)

What a blessing to be alive and to have each other at such an age!

In November 2021, Frances Kompus, a resident of Kansas, celebrated her 102nd and 104th birthdays with her sisters, Lucy Pochop, aged 102, and Julia Korpiva, aged 104. Frances was pleasantly surprised to discover that she was the youngest among her three centenarian sisters. Despite living in close proximity, Lucy and Julia reside in separate apartments, while Frances lives just a few blocks away.

The sisters grew up on a farm during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl and reminisce about their father who lived to the age of 98 and worked the farm without modern machines. According to them, one of the secrets to a long and healthy life is eating well. “Homemade bread, basic potatoes, gravy, and meat were always on the menu,” they recall, despite the difficulty of baking with such cookstoves.

When asked for advice for future generations, the sisters emphasized the importance of exercise and religion. “Walk a ton,” Frances suggested, while Julia added, “I think confidence starts things out – and thank your folks and grandparents.”

These sisters have lived through so much and have so many interesting stories to tell. What a blessing to be alive and to have each other at such an age! Here’s hoping they have many more celebrations together. Watch their heartwarming video and share it with others.

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