Christina is 23 with 11 children, and she has more in her plans!

From a single teenage mom to a happily married mother with 11 children)

She became a mother at 17 giving birth to a daughter named Viktoria. Unfortunately, the relationship with the girl’s father didn’t work out, so Christina became a single mother.

Her life changed completely, after she met her current husband on vacation. As the young woman says, it was a “love from the first sight”. Then, after a while, the man proposed to her!

Both of the young lovers had the same views on life in relation to children: the more children, the better.

And as it’s impossible to have so many kids at the same time, the couple tuned to surrogate mothers. The babies were still Christina’s.

So these are her own children. Moreover, half of them are the same age. The couple plans to have even more children!

Kristina’s husband earns well, and always makes sure that the family is fully provided, meeting the needs of each family member.

He helps his wife in the house. Besides, they have babysitters and au pairs hired to take care of the children.

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