Came to meet his wife and baby in the maternity hospital, and she went out without a child

Life is sometimes cruel. Many women that genuinely want to have a child are not able to. And those who don’t even deserve to be a parent, get this gift from God. How is this possible? Why so unfair? Why do women leave their children? Is there really an even greater feeling than maternal love?

This story happened in real life. Sergey and Katya met in a business center in the capital. The man was an active businessman. He never planned to get married and build a family. Katya was also busy with her career. However, she didn’t want to miss this chance. They started to go on dates, talk to each other, then the girl suggested building their family. And so they did. Sergey wasn’t against family comfort and status.

However, in this regard, their ideas were too different: Katya wanted to enjoy her life, travel, see the world. She didn’t want to do anything at home: didn’t clean, didn’t wash, didn’t cook. Katya would call maids to clean the house, would buy ready food. She spent a lot on herself, disappeared in malls and beauty salons. Obviously, the husband didn’t like her such behavior. They started constant quarrels and scandals. And after a while, Katya found out she was with a child.

Katya came to tell her husband the news. She also said, she wanted to get rid of the child, only it was already too late. After this, their feelings died completely. During the whole pregnancy the spouses lived like neighbors. Sergey hoped the wife would come into senses after the childbirth.

However, he was disappointed.

When he came to take them from the maternity hospital, the wife was alone. Without the baby.

_Where’s the baby?

_I refused to take him.

They started to argue. Katya said some offensive things and left. Sergey didn’t even listen to her. He realized, she was insane. After this, they stopped talking and living together. Sergey filed for divorce, and took the baby from the hospital. The whole medical staff was happy to see him taking the baby. After all, nowadays such fathers are rare…

He just took the child and went home. He raised his son alone, only with the help of his mother. After a few years he met a woman, and fell in love with her from the first sight. She was like a mother to his son. Then they also had a daughter.

And Katya’s life didn’t work out. She never worried about her child. Sergey doesn’t even want to remember her. Of course, he realizes she was his choice, but doesn’t want to know anything about her any more. That’s all.

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