Buying a husband for $100 thousand and other unusual facts about Julia Roberts

The actress is an ordinary person, who knows firsthand about betrayal and the loss of loved ones

On October 28, the famous actress celebrates her 54th birthday. It seems that we know everything about the life of a screen star. But do we remember how she got into the cinema? Do we know what kind of relationship she had with her family and how she fought for her love?

Perhaps someone will decide that Julia got popularity easily, because she was the sister of the famous action movie actor Eric, and after the success of the melodrama “Pretty Woman” her life had to be arranged in the best way. She just needed to have time to accept lucrative offers, catch admiring glances, pose in front of cameras and appear on the covers of fashion magazines.

But after all, the actress is as simple a person as anyone, who knows firsthand about betrayal and the loss of loved ones, as well as about difficult family life. What tragedies and shocks did Julia Roberts go through? Why is everyone sure that she has a complex character, and what does she consider the greatest achievement in her life? Read about these and many other facts from the life of the actress in our material.

Julia was born in the small American city of Smyrna, located in Georgia, US.

In her family, everyone was related to cinema: mom and dad were actors and gave acting courses to children. Julia also has an older brother Eric and a sister Lisa.

However, due to financial difficulties, the Roberts had to close their acting school and find a more promising job to raise children. The head of the family sometimes had to sell water mattresses, and mom tried to devote more time to her son and daughters. When Roberts was five years old, her parents divorced.

Soon her mother married the critic Michael Motes, who did not let her live in peace, constantly arguing and even raising his hand to the girl. But the big grief for her was the death of her father when she was only ten years old. It is worth remembering the hobbies that Julia had at that time.

She really liked animals, and she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. In the meantime, the girl participated in all school productions and admired her brother Eric, who by that time understood what he wanted from life. Roberts does not hide that at that time she could not boast of special talents, and she never considered herself beautiful.

In addition, her peers did not forget to remind her of this, noting that her mouth was too big. It’s only later that a wide smile from ear to ear will become a visiting card of a girl. And in adolescence she had to struggle with complexes. For this Julia began to attend beauty contests, in some of them she even became the winner.

Simultaneously, the girl worked to have pocket money. She was a saleswoman in a pizzeria, then in a shoe store, then a waitress in a cafe. It can be assumed that these trials only developed her character.

After school, Julia planned to go to university and study to be a veterinarian, just as she had always dreamed. But failed exams put an end to her medical career. After that, Roberts went to New York to her sister Lisa and began to attend acting courses, because during her participation in school productions, she managed to master some of the basics of the profession.

The girl was also lucky that at that time her brother Eric was already known among artists, had starred in films and even managed to get the title of a new sex symbol. It was he who helped his younger sister get into the cinema — in 1987, he brought her to the set of the film Blood Red, where she was offered a cameo role.

After her debut, Eric became Julia’s manager and helped her move up the career ladder. In the late 80s, she was already a famous actress and even received a Golden Globe for her participation in the film Steel Magnolias. But, as you know, the finest times were ahead, and came in 1989. It was then that Roberts was approved for the main role in the melodrama Pretty Woman, where Richard Gere became her partner.

It’s interesting, that initially the creators of the film considered the candidacies of more famous actresses, among them was Meg Ryan. But she refused, because she thought that the role of a girl of easy virtue would negatively affect her career. Then the director and producers decided to give the aspiring actress a chance and won the bet.

Success on Its Way

She has become one of the most in-demand actresses, whose fee has grown from $300 to a million! The audience liked the tandem of Roberts and Gere so much that they begged the actors to act together again. At the end of the 90s, a new film Runaway Bride appeared on the screens, which was also a success.

What about Eric? The actress’s relationship with her brother worsened when she became popular, and he just the opposite. But the siblings argued for other reasons. The fact is that Eric, being his sister’s manager, signed all the contracts offered to him. Julia, on the other hand, was more selective, especially after the Pretty Woman, so she refused agreements that framed Eric.

Besides, when Eric Roberts broke up with his first wife, Kelly Cunningham, the actress took her side, hired good lawyers who got the actor to pay alimony to his daughter Emma in court, and the amount was quite a lot. It is clear that after that Eric had a serious fight with his sister and still cannot establish the old trusting and friendly relations with her.

By the way, Julia had a sister Nancy, born in her mother’s second marriage, with whom she also did not seek to communicate. Nancy has repeatedly complained about her famous sister in interviews and urged her to establish a relationship with her.

“I keep hoping that my sister will notice me, see what I have become. Although she has been looking at me from a certain angle for too long, it is difficult to change it. I think we both need to learn to look at each other in a new way. And start all over again. We are both — I am convinced — overwhelmed with regret…”, said the girl.

Unfortunately, the sisters never managed to make friends, because in 2014 Nancy died of drug overdose. After learning the sad news, Julia canceled all filming to say goodbye to her relative, and could not hold back tears when she saw her off on her last journey. No sooner had the movie star survived this, than she found out the news of her mother’s terrible illness. She tried to do everything possible for the parent to recover, but in 2015 she passed away.

Personal Life

The actress’s personal life was even more interesting than her work. At the very beginning of her career, Roberts dated colleagues Matthew Perry and Liam Neeson. Later she was credited with an affair with Richard Gere. Fans hoped that on-screen love would become real and the actors would eventually build a family.

But the stars didn’t have an affair or a wedding. Soon Roberts met Kiefer Sutherland, fell in love with him at first sight and quickly agreed to marry. A grand wedding celebration was supposed to take place in 1991. But shortly before the wedding, Julia fled to Ireland with her future husband’s best friend.

Only 20 years later, she admitted that she then found out about the betrayal of her beloved. So she decided to answer him in the same way. The actress was glad that their relationship ended that way. She and Kiefer could have made a lot of mistakes if they married.

Soon Julia decided to marry singer Lyle Lovett, whom she had known for only three weeks. This did not bother her at all, because she again believed in great and pure love. However, two years later the marriage broke up. After that, the actress decided not to share any more details of her personal life.

She found her love…

On the set of the movie The Mexican Roberts met the cameraman Daniel Moder. There was only one problem: the man had a wife – Vera Steimberg. However, for Julia’s sake, he decided to leave the family. It was rumored that the Hollywood “Pretty Woman” paid an impressive sum to her rival to speed up the divorce process.

As soon as Daniel was free, he went to the registry office with a new chosen one. In 2022, the couple will celebrate 20 years of their wedding anniversary. There are three children growing up in their family: twins Phinneaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia, as well as Henry. Julia has repeatedly said that being a successful and famous actress is, of course, good, but her greatest happiness are her husband and children. The couple live in love and mutual understanding, despite the fact that news about their divorce appears in the press every now and then.

“When I think about what made my life the way it is, what makes my soul sing and shine, I understand that it’s all him. Everything good and bright, and all my joy come from him,” Julia Roberts told about her husband in an interview with the Seven Days.

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