“Building Sustainability”: A Man’s $1,500 10’x10′ Tiny Home Journey

Inside Rob Greenfield’s $1500 Tiny Eco-Home

Most of Rob Greenfield’s home is made from old or reused stuff. It’s brave to live differently from most people. Many folks don’t get why some prefer to live simply and off the grid.

Rob is into helping the environment. He wanted to show folks that you can live with less stuff and still be happy. His tiny house in Orlando, Florida, is just 10 feet by 10 feet. It doesn’t have much inside.

But the best part?

It only cost $1,500 to build!

Wondering why it’s so cheap? Well, Rob used old materials. He got wood and flooring from neighbors and stores that didn’t need them anymore. He bought these things for a low price. Even his windows, door, and furniture are from thrift stores. His chair, for example, cost only $15!

Inside the tiny house, there’s not much space. Rob has a few shelves for his clothes, toiletries, and food. He also has an elevated bed with storage underneath. His bed doubles as a sofa. He keeps some food in a chest freezer, packed in Ziplock bags for later.

Rob’s house gets electricity from his neighbor. He pays only $10 a month for it. He doesn’t have air conditioning or heating, so he deals with the weather as it comes. His windows keep him cool in summer, and he manages in winter.

For water, Rob uses rainwater for everything. He has a system that turns food waste into cooking gas. It’s called a biodigester. He also grows his food and helps others do the same in their backyards.

Rob even has an eco-friendly bathroom. He uses two toilets—one for pee and one for poop. The pee goes to the garden, and the poop goes into a bucket with sawdust. After a year, he uses it as fertilizer.

Rob’s way of living shows that you don’t need a lot of money or stuff to be happy and help the planet.

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