“Bring the siblings together”: Couple adopted three brothers so they would live together

It would have been terrible to separate them

In life, not everyone is lucky enough to have a family that shows them the meaning of love and security. Many children grow up in dysfunctional environments, never experiencing the love of parents.

Three brothers – 3-year-old Joey, 2-year-old Logan, and and 1-year-old Noah – found themselves in search of a forever home. The likelihood was that they would end up in separate families, preventing them from growing up alongside each other.

However, fate had something better in store for these young boys. It happened so, that the 3 brothers were all adopted by the same family. Their story is a testament to the fact that miracles do happen, and theirs was one of them.

About a year ago, KC and Lena Currie, residing in Sudbury, Massachusetts, welcomed Joey into their family through adoption. Their encounter with Joey took place at an event organized by Children’s Friend, where they stumbled upon a picture of him. Recognizing the potential for a good match, Children’s Friend recommended Joey to KC and Lena. “He was 18 months old back then,” Lena shared.

Joey, the eldest boy, settled in perfectly with his new family.

Despite not having contemplated adopting another child, the Curries unexpectedly received a call from Children’s Friend, informing them about Joey’s little brother, Noah, who was merely six weeks old and in need of a loving home. KC and Lena recognized the significance of keeping the brothers together and knew that Noah belonged right alongside Joey. Following the necessary legal procedures, Noah was warmly embraced into the family and became an integral part of their lives.

After some time, the Currie family came to know about the existence of a third brother named Logan. They were informed that he had initially been set to be adopted by another family, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the adoption fell through, leaving Logan once again without a permanent home and family.

Considering the circumstances, the Curries interpreted it as a sign that they should indeed adopt Logan as well. Fueled by their belief, the Currie family opened their hearts and welcomed Logan into their home, ensuring that all three siblings were united and living together under one roof.

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