Brave man saved two lonely boys and became their beloved father

This is a story of two little boys, who were left alone without parents.

Nikita and Yura’s family was living in a small village. The boys have never seen their father. They were living with their mother, but she also didn’t care much about her children. She would often leave her kids at home, and hurry to see different men. One time, one of their neighbors noticed, that the boys’ mother hadn’t returned for a while and called the Police. The Police arrived. Among them was Sergei, who had experienced several difficult military operations in his life.

But even Sergei, having seen a lot of difficulties, was shocked when he entered the house where two half-naked boys were sitting and freezing. The house was empty, there was no food, windows were broken, and the 3-year-old boy was trying to cover them, as it was cold outside. Sergei later remembered how his heart squeezed with pity at that moment.

The eldest child was holding the only bun they had. He gave a small piece to the youngest, and then hid it, so that they wouldn’t stay hungry later. He also did everything to protect his younger brother from the cold and covered him with some clothes.

Sergei says, the only thing he wanted at that exact moment, was to adopt the children. He asked them, whether they would like to live with him. At first, the boys were scared. Then the eldest ran to Sergei, hugged him and told, he always believed their father would come back.

The man still can’t hold his tears back when he recalls that moment.

It turned out, the boys had been sitting in the cold house for about a week. They were saved only thanks to the careful neighbor. The boys were immediately taken to hospital, where doctors began to treat them.

Sergei’s wife realized, they were going to keep the boys. Although she already had 4 children, she understood how important it was for her husband. And she herself also wanted to help the lonely kids.

The spouses began to gather all the necessary documents. They arranged a room special for the boys, bought them clothes and toys. And their biological mother appeared in the hospital only after a few weeks, wrote a rejection for the kids. The boys, by the way, ran to hug and kiss their mother after seeing her. The woman, however, pushed them away, and no one saw her ever again after that day.

Literally the next day, the boys were calling another woman their mom.

Today, the boys have grown-up a little, and they love their parents. Sergei’s wife says, the boys often give her flowers and tell how much they love her. They are growing very affectionate and kind boys.

And recently, the eldest boy stated, he was going to be like his father: strong and brave, and would never leave his children.

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