Boy was abandoned by his adoptive parents, but this man adopted him

Peter Mutabazi had a very difficult childhood. He was born and brought up in a small village on the boarder of Uganda and Rwanda. Peter’s family was very poor, and he had to help his mom from the age of 4. They were growing their own food. Moreover, there was no fresh water near their house, so the children had to walk 2-3 hours to bring water. One night, when he was 10, his father sent him to buy cigarettes. A downpour started on the way home, and all the cigarettes got wet. The boy knew he couldn’t go back home because he would be beaten there. He decided to run away. Peter had to overcome many hardships to be able to survive.

Now he is living in Oklahoma, USA, and has started a real estate business. In the house, where he used to live, were two empty rooms, and he knew there were many children in world that needed help. So he went to an adopting agency and became a “temporary parent”. Such caretakers in the United States are assigned to children whose permanent place of residence has not yet been resolved. One evening he got a call offering him to shelter a boy for the weekend. Peter happily accepted the offer. As it turned out later, this boy named Anthony was brought to the orphanage when he was just 2 years old. Then a family adopted him, and he lived with them for 10 years.

But one day, his adoptive parents left him in a hospital, and the boy never saw them again. Later, the family terminated its rights to the child altogether. When Peter learned about Anthony’s sad story, he decided to adopt him by all means. “I had no problems with the adoption. It took me a long time, but I believed he would be my son. There was no one willing to adopt such a big boy”, says the happy and rightful father.

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