Boy got a job and sold his Xbox to buy his mom a car

This teenager became a hero in his town

13-year-old William got a job as a janitor, mowed lawns and did many other jobs. The young boy wanted to buy a car for his mom.

William has two siblings, and his mother is raising them all alone. And the woman had no chance of buying a car. As a result, our hero decided to sell his Xbox too. The Xbox was the most expensive thing the boy had. However, he never doubted his decision to sell it.

As a result, the boy managed to buy a used Toyota Metro. This became the most expensive gift the woman had ever received.

Everything started when the boy saw a video on the Internet about people who gave cars to their mothers.

After watching the videos the boy set a goal to buy his mom a car. It is actually very difficult for a single mom to deal with 3 children without a car. The mother has a job but her salary is barely enough to provide the family with food and clothes.

William started looking for used cars on the Internet, but they were all too expensive for him. The boy needed some time to save up so much money. But he had a goal and was slowly moving towards it.

He agreed to do some work for their neighbors to earn some money. Then he offered his earned money for a 1999 Toyota Metro, but it was not enough. William had to offer his Xbox together with the money. When the owner found out the guy’s intentions, she immediately agreed to sell the car to the boy.

The next morning, William came home in the car. His mother couldn’t help crying with happiness.

William’s act became famous in Nevada and became the most touching act of that spring. His deed is going to be qualified for participation in the annual competition “People who surprised the world”.

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