“Born with snake skin”: the most unusual model in the world

Nowadays people around the world fight for the right to look natural without considering the beauty standards. This girl named Jeyźa Gary is lucky enough to be born in our era. Her health condition gave her the opportunity to develop a successful modeling career.

The problem is that Jeyźa has ichthyosis. This disease is characterized by exfoliation of the skin, followed by its replacement within a couple of weeks.

It seems like Jeyźa’s skin is covered with wrinkles just like old people, but actually it’s body husk which causes a great discomfort to her. Despite this feature, she has dreamt of modeling career since childhood, but everyone threw up their hands.

Time passed, and some famous modeling agencies noticed Jeyźa. They started to offer the girl cooperation, as her unique appearance attracts everyone. By the way, it was not easy for Jeyźa in her childhood because of her disease. Her classmates used to bully her, but her mother always supported the girl.

Jeyźa has worked a lot on herself – to accept and love herself the way she is. She believes she is a unique person and her mission is to show that no matter how you look, you can be successful.

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