Bodybuilder without legs and arms became popular for his sense of humor

This man deserves world-wide respect!

Nick Santonastasso is a 23-year-old bodybuilder from Florida. He was born with a rare genetic disease – Hanhart syndrome. Nick is missing both legs and one arm. However, the guy doesn’t lose heart and lives his life to the fullest.

Nick was aware of his rare disease, as used to move in a wheelchair in childhood. But from an early age, Santonastasso showed his strength of mind, mastering skateboard, playing the drums. He even used to wrestle. Still a child, Nick understood that the most important thing is to accept yourself the way you are. The guy assures, that when you learn to love your body with all it’s usual and unusual features, only then the others will start loving and respecting you.

Currently, Nick is engaged in bodybuilding. He visits gym constantly and takes part in competitions. Lifting a barbell, bench pressing, and flipping a 70-kg tire are all part of his training. Santonastasso achieved amazing results and made true friends. The guy drives a specially equipped car, so that he remains mobile and independent.


Nick always works on himself and encourages others to do so. The guy regularly posts photos, videos and motivational posts on his Instagram account.

In Nick’s opinion, constant movement is the key to success. If a person works hard and keeps going forward, in the end he is sure to win. And if something goes wrong, just take a break, learn from your mistakes, and go back to your fight.

Santonastasso is not only a determined, but also a charismatic man. He enjoys making fun of his features and has a great sense of humor. One of his videos together with Vitaly Zdorovetskiy went viral and has already gained over 45M views.

Nick Santonastasso is very popular and wants to use his fame for good purposes. He wants to share his life story with everyone and teach them how to cope with all kinds of problems. This man deserves world-wide respect!

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