“Became a mother being 127cm in height”: how the kids of this Australian woman look like

All the members of the Adams family – mother, father and two daughters -have dwarfism.

However, this doesn’t stop them to live a normal life and run popular blogs.

Recently, Charley has announced they will soon have a son. In addition, they did a check-up which showed, that the parent’s genes haven’t been transferred to the child, and he’s going to be born with normal height.

By the way, Charley and Callen have different genetic disorders. Charly has the most common type – achondroplasia. Her hands are short, and upper body is of ordinary size. Callen has geleophysic dysplasia. He has a relatively proportional physique. Meanwhile, one of the daughters Tilba inherited Charley’s achondroplasia, and the other one, Tally – Callen’s dysplasia.

By the way, the mother not only actively runs her social media pages, but also regularly goes to gym. She has become a bodybuilder and successfully does weightlifting.

Even during the third pregnancy Charley didn’t stop her trainings. Movement is life for her.

The family admits they are very happy and don’t suffer from their condition even a little bit. They are not even offended by the fact that some uneducated people point at them and talk about them behind their backs.

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