“Became a foster father at the age of 80: the fate of Vladimir Naumov’s son

This was clearly not for PR

The story that a famous director adopted a child at the age of 80 caused a storm of discussions from the public. Vladimir took the boy from the boarding school in 2007. Many condemned the man, calling his act an ordinary PR move. Today the guy is already 16 years old, and for sure many people are wondering how his life turned out.

The director met his wife Natalya Belokhvostikova on the set. The lovers got married in 1974, and even the 24-year age difference did not prevent their relationship.

A little later, the couple had a daughter, whom they also named Natalya. When she had already grown up, the spouses were practically not interested in a career, so they could safely devote themselves to each other.

But fate presented them with an interesting meeting that radically changed their lives. Natalya was at a film festival when she decided to visit an orphanage. There, she saw a boy who at that time was only three years old. That day, he asked to give him a cross, as he often asked God for new parents.

Returning home, the actress could not forget this baby. She offered her husband to adopt Kirill. Vladimir agreed, and they went to draw up the necessary documents.

By the way, the child was very obedient. Today, the guy is 16 years old, he is a student of the 10th grade. Kirill is fond of mathematics, foreign languages and sports. All detractors must admit that the guy grew up a decent man, and Vladimir and Natalya provided him with a happy childhood.

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