At 13 figured out she’s infertile and all these years was afraid to tell her spouse. Here’s how everything ended

Heather Crock realized it’s possible to build a family not only based on consanguinity, writes “Love What Matters”.

When Heather was 6 weeks old, doctors found out her ovaries were not connecter properly. At 13, she realized she will never be able to have kids. When she grew up, the girl was afraid to tell her husband about the problem.

Then Jason, a lonely father with 2 amazing kids, entered her life. Jason and Heather fell for each other madly and got married.

Not long before their marriage Heather couldn’t hold it anymore and revealed the greatest secret of her life – she can never have her own children.

After the confession, Jason just hugged her and said, it didn’t matter for him how they would have children.

He said: “They will be OUR children”.

When the couple decided to adopt a child, they didn’t rely on dubious agencies, especially considering the fact that they demanded a lot of money for the service – $55,000.

Besides, ultrasonography and blood tests might be fake. The couple intended to find a baby by themselves updating their profile on and making ads in social media.

They created accounts on Instagram and Facebook sharing their photos. Some women got in touch with them, but turned out most of them were scammers.

Finally, they got an e-mail from a woman, whose friend was pregnant and was looking for an adoptive family. The pregnant woman even called them from Missouri, and they maintained a good relationship for the next month. But later they lost touch with each other.

In October, 2017, when the couple updated their photo on, another future mother called them.

Two days later they met in a lunchroom. The pregnant woman showed her the ultrasonography of the little boy and even let Heather touch her belly when the baby was kicking.

Jason and Heather were moved to tears, when the woman asked if they were ready to adopt the child and love him forever!

Three weeks later, on Oct 30, 2017, Andy was born. Heather was the first to hug the newborn and kissed his tiny hands.

When they were going to adopt Andy, the first pregnant woman called and said she had found an adoptive family for her child. After a while, she called again and announced, she didn’t like the family she had chosen. She had the feeling, she needed to give the child to Heather, so she sent her the boy’s ultrasonography images.

Since Heather had already adopted Andy, she couldn’t say anything. However, deep in her heart she knew, she would take this boy too.

It’s not easy to adopt two newborns with a few months interval. The next few days the couple was considering the issue thoroughly.

Soon the couple arrived in Missouri and met the woman before the labor. The following day the couple was standing in the maternity ward and was watching how their son Ellis was born.

Jason even cut his umbilical cord, and Heather hugged the baby and kissed him.

Having two newborns with 4 months of difference is the dream of every couple.

Heather said she was given the chance to become a mother thanks to the biggest sacrifice and her selfless decision.

A few months after Ellis’s birth, the couple decided to get in touch with his biological mother, and she turned out to be in a difficult situation. Soon she sent her elder son Sean to visit his younger brother and stay there for 10 days. The couple had no idea, that Seas was supposed to become a member of their family too.

Ten days eventually turned into the whole summer, because Sean wanted to see how his new friends play football. Sean started to play with them and even give advice to the coaches. Soon their team became the best football team among the eighth grades.

It’s already more than 6 months that Sean lives with Heather. His football team even got into play-off.

Three new children in just nine months was something absolutely unexpectable. Adoption of Andy and Ellis is officially over, so the couple took custody of Sean.

The family of seven watches their bond growing stronger day by day.

Heather says: “There were many ups and downs, this is all between us. We wouldn’t like to change this with anything.”

What would you do if you were Heather? Would you adopt two babies at the same time?

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