As soon as the mother saw who she gave birth to, she immediately refused the baby

A mother is not the one who gives birth, but the one who takes care of the child!

This is a story about a woman, who gave birth to a baby and immediately left him, as he was dark-skinned. Most probably, the new mom had cheated on her husband, and the baby was the evidence. Therefore, after considering a little, the woman immediately wrote a refusal. She then told her husband the baby didn’t survive the childbirth.

The boy, abandoned by his own mother, was all alone. The hospital staff prepared all the necessary documents to send the boy to orphanage. But one of the nurses noticed the baby’s quite unhealthy state. Turned out, the baby was suffering from hypoxia. The baby ended up in the intensive care unit, where doctors fought for his life. After a while, the baby got better and prepared to move to orphanage. But the nurse, who was the first to notice that the boy was not all right, could not forget those little hands and charming eyes…

The woman told her husband about the baby and about how much she had got attached to the boy. She began to persuade to him adopt the baby. Moreover, the couple was unable to have their own baby. However, the husband was categorically against the black baby. By some miracle, the woman still managed to persuade her husband. So the boy, who was named Mark, got parents. However, this is not the end of the story. A new happiness came to the family. Literally after a year, the woman got pregnant! Now there are two babies in this wonderful and friendly family!!

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