Art Teacher Reveals Her Charming 18-Foot Tiny Cabin

Tina Quintana loves having her own special space to create art. She calls it “The Dogstar” and it’s like a sanctuary for her. She believes art is essential for her existence.

Tina has been teaching textiles for a long time, and she only works with natural materials. She grows her own materials in her garden and makes dyes and other things.

Even though Tina lives in a big house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with her husband and daughter, she always liked the idea of having a tiny house.

So, she bought a tiny home shell from Liberation Tiny Homes and finished it with her husband.

It’s called Dogstar because it reminds her of her family.

Her tiny home is in her backyard for now. Once, when she got a job teaching far away, she stayed in her tiny home for two and a half years while teaching.

Inside her tiny home, there’s a cozy living room with a fold-out bed. She has lots of storage for her art supplies, and she has heaters for when it gets cold.

In her kitchen, she has everything she needs: a small fridge, a toaster oven, a cooktop, and storage for her dishes.

Her bathroom is small but has everything, including a shower and a composting toilet.

Upstairs is her bedroom, where she has made it cozy with curtains and decorations.

Tina loves her tiny home and hopes it inspires others to consider living small too.

You can see the full tour of her Dogstar tiny home in the video below.

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