Anthony Hopkins: “The whole truth is that you are not for everyone and not everything is for you”

“The most valuable thing a person has is time and energy, because both of these are limited. As soon as you understand this, you begin to realize why you are so anxious after communicating with people who steal these resources from you.”

Anthony Hopkins is one of the most beloved and respected actors by the British Queen herself. He is already over 80, but he still has incredible charisma and attracts many. The actor no longer needs to prove anything to anyone. He is not going to do this, Hopkins is just sharing his experience and wisdom accumulated over his long life. And his words resonate with many people.

Not everyone will stay with you when you decide to go in search of a new interesting and joyful life. Such people should be released, because they will not be able to follow you and accompany you in this difficult struggle.

The truth is that you are not made for everyone and not everyone is made for you.

Those who are not ready to love you, it is better to let go of your life. This is the most difficult, but very important step. Do not waste your energy on empty and exhausting conversations with those who do not want to change something. Stop clinging to those who are completely uninterested in you.

I know that you want to get universal recognition, but it takes away your time and energy, deteriorates your health, both mental and physical.
Some people are not destined to stay in your life.

Your life should be such that only those who will be compatible with you get into it. You don’t have to convince people to get better. It’s not your business to give all your life force for them.

All you need is to realize that only you are building your future and determining your destiny. You deserve the best people, sincere friendship, love and support.”

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