“America’s most beautiful girl turned 15”: how the fate of Eden Wood turned out

The woman forced her daughter to train for 8 hours a day and dragged her to all beauty contests…

The winner of 300 beauty contests was born in 2005! When Eden was a little over a year old, she had already received her first crown!

Despite her rather young age, our heroine looked her best. The girl was always dressed fashionably, her head was decorated with chic hairstyles, she visited the solarium and did not appear in public without makeup!

The producer of the baby was her own mother – Mickie Wood. As it turned out later, the woman forced her daughter to train for 8 hours a day, constantly shouted at her, and dragged her to all beauty contests. And when the girl wanted to sleep, or could no longer withstand the constant load, the mother would give the 6-year-old girl energy drinks!

Mickie herself does not admit all the accusations against her. However, when the little beauty turned 6 years old, the woman announced the end of Eden’s career. The psychological health of the girl began to fail, her nervous breakdowns and outbursts of aggression became more frequent.

But almost immediately, Eden began to appear on TV. At the age of 6, she was given her own show, in which the life of the small star was shown in detail. In parallel, the model and her mother released their own collection of dolls and cosmetics.

Today our heroine is already 15 years old! She does well at school, studies in the choir, and dreams of becoming an actress. Also, the girl managed to learn to play the drums, and became the captain of the school cheerleading group.

Eden is not going to stop there. She plans to conquer the world of cinema, and record her own music album.

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