“Amazing Voice!” 11-year-old girl made all the coaches turn within seconds

The coaches are stunned by the talent of the young girl!

“The Voice” keeps looking for the best singing talent all around the world. The show has a special edition which invites children to audition. 11-year-old Georgia shocked everyone in only a few seconds!

Only a few lines from the song “The House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals, and all the coaches are already turned. Then they started fighting for the opportunity to work with the little talent.

In the backstage, the family of the young lady is shedding tears of happiness and excitement while listening to the powerful performance of their beloved one. The audience was taken aback by Georgia’s beautiful voice.

Still in total disbelief, the coaches are stunned by the talent of the young girl. Her cover is almost as good as the original song! None of the coaches wanted to miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for having such a great student.

The Voice helps talents come out from the shadow and show their abilities in national and international level. No matter for how many seasons the show goes, there are always exceptional talents in every season.

An incredibly successful future awaits Georgia. We are looking forwards to hearing more from this adorable girl!

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