Amazing Marilyn: a selection of rare pictures of Marilyn Monroe taken in her early childhood

This dazzling beauty girl set standards all over the world as an icon of femininity, beauty and style

Norma Jeane was born on June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, Southern California.

The circle of her caregivers changed frequently because she had no father.

Over the course of her life, Norma’s mother failed to provide her with the attention and love she needed. The girl had no family. In every sphere around her, impermanence ruled.

Her writing skills at school were excellent. She contributed a lot to the school newspaper.

At the age of 19, the girl worked at an aircraft factory. It was during the World War II. This was actually where she began her career as a model. At that time, women working in military factories were photographed.

The picture shows Norma as she assembles the world’s first drone. This was her first modeling experience, which was successful. Thanks to this photo, she was recognized and offered a photoshoot for a financial reward. Our heroine accepted the offer.

The girl had beautiful brown hair, and the image with it was harmonious and attractive. It was thanks to her appearance that Norma Jeane received a job offer at the Blue Book modeling agency.

Over time, she became popular, and her hairstyle was constantly changing. Curly brown hair was straightened.

Norma once dyed her hair platinum blonde and has been faithful to this image ever since. When she became a blonde, she found her own unforgettable style. Everyone recognized her by her hair color, fair skin, snow-white smile and red lipstick.

Inspired by the huge success of the photos with Norma, the head of the modeling agency offered her a contract. The girl was 20 years old back then.

Then in 1946, an important event happens in Norma Jean’s life – she signs a contract with the 20th Century Fox film studio. Under pressure from the studio manager, she was forced to change her first and last name to the pseudonym Marilyn Monroe.

Changing the name was not easy for the model, but by 1956 she succumbed to persuasions to make her new name legal.

In parallel with her work in the studio, she studied acting. Norma worked as a model for three years. Later she returned to the modeling business, but not for long

Norma played her first major role in 1948 in the low-budget and unsuccessful musical “Ladies of the Chorus”. In 1949, Marilyn Monroe had plastic surgery on her jaw and nose.

She appeared in cameo roles in 1950-1951, it was a short period of time. However, when she appears in any film even for only 5 minutes, the viewer could not take his eyes off her unearthly beauty.

Since 1952, Monroe began to be given main roles. She starred in the successful films “Clash by Night” and “Don’t Bother to Knock”.

However, critics did not appreciate her work. As a result, it was decided that Marilyn had no acting experience and skills to perform such roles. Other comments were made in defense of Marilyn. Many said that the problem was the bad script.

She has also starred in other films (“O. Henry’s Full House” and “Monkey Business”. However, the more popular she became and the more roles she played, the worse her mood and state of mind became.

She had stage fright, she was constantly monitored from the outside, forgot her lines and was constantly late for filming. It was difficult for her to be on the set. At the peak of her popularity, Marilyn faced a problem – she was upset that fans saw her as a movie heroine – a stupid blonde with a beautiful face and a sexy body. Even just going on stage looked tempting. And she wanted everyone to see her acting talent. She wanted more. Marilyn knew she had to be great.

Monroe aspired to play serious roles and become a recognized actress.

Marilyn got her big break as a singer in 1956’s box office hit, “Bus Stop”.

She dispelled the notion that she was glamorous once and for all.

There was little awareness of her passion for reading books at that time. She had more than 400 books in her library. Her life was the source of the quotes she wrote.

In addition to her fame as an actress, Marilyn Monroe was also a singer. She sang on the movie screen and performed at numerous concerts. The star often held charity performances.

In the period from 1960 to 1962, both Marilyn Monroe’s career and personal life went through ups and downs. Eventually, she became addicted to drugs that suppressed her central nervous system and could no longer live without them.

A tragic accident took Merilyn Monroe’s life in 1962. Death was caused by drug overdose.

According to the doctors who examined Marilyn, in the last years of her life she often suffered from anxiety and depression. She experienced sudden and unpredictable mood swings. It was concluded that the drug overdose was the star’s own choice.

Marilyn Monroe lived to be 36 years old. It was a short but bright life.

Beauty, style, and femininity were embodied in this dazzling woman. It’s been decades since the peak of her popularity, yet she still remains a role model for many women all over the world.

Her pale skin, shining blonde hair, hairstyle, gentle eyes, scarlet lips and her snow-white smile are a faithful reflection of herself. She became what she wanted to be – great.

Philosophical statements of Marilyn Monroe:

“When I was little, no one ever told me that I was beautiful. Every little girl needs to be told that she is beautiful, even if she is not.”

“I’m trying to figure out who I am, sometimes it’s not easy.”

“Once you decide to leave, you can never go back. No matter how much they ask you for it, no matter how much you want it. After climbing one mountain, you start climbing the next.”

“True beauty comes from femininity. Female attractiveness is strong only when it is natural and spontaneous.”

“A career is great, but it won’t warm a person on a cold night.”

Smile, because life is beautiful and there are many reasons to smile.”

“Everyone is a star and has the right to shine.”

Monroe knew how to present herself so that others would remember her forever.

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