All my beauty has passed to the eldest daughter, and I can’t even look at the youngest one…

“Mom wasn’t even interested whether I was alive or not…”

I am the youngest daughter in the family, dad left us right after I was born and maybe this was the reason for mom’s “special” attitude towards me.

The older sister grew up to be a real beauty, a copy of her mother. The soul of the company, bright and sociable, and on the contrary, I liked spending time at home alone, reading or just being alone with my thoughts.

My mother always set my sister as an example and said that I took after my father, I was just as unsociable and completely unable to take care of my appearance, and therefore I would remain an old maid forever. This prospect did not frighten me that much..

After school, my sister couldn’t enter university and started working in a store. Soon she met her future husband, and her mother constantly said how lucky my sister was and was able to pick up a “rich man”. On my statement that their marriage was only on the fly, my mother got angry and said that this is what you should do if you want to marry a wealthy man.

I entered a good university after school and from the third year I was able to find an internship in a profession that guaranteed me a job in the future.

I moved from my mother to another city and for several years she was almost not interested in my existence and how I earn a living and whether I was starving or not.

But suddenly I got a call from my mom. It turns out that my sister’s husband had left her with two children, and she found a new man and went with him to another city. My mother demanded that I return home and help her financially support her sister’s children.

I gave a sharp answer and said that I was not going to return home. Did they really remember about me only when they needed money? And before that, she wasn’t interested in my life at all and whether I was alive at all.

Let her raise beautiful grandchildren, whose appearance she was so proud of.

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