“Age doesn’t stop her”: Julia ‘Hurricane’ Hawkins takes the gold at US Senior Games at 103

“When you are 103, every day is a miracle!”

Julia Hawkins, more popular under the name “Hurricane”, brought home two gold medals in the US Senior Games, 2019, taking place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The 103-year-old woman snatched a 50-meter and 100-meter dash gold. However, she didn’t beat her 2017 world record for the 100-meters.

The “Hurricane” took up her career in cycling, and began running at the age of 100. She is the oldest female competitor in the US, according to the Senior National Games Association.  Age doesn’t stop her, and she has recently talked about her later-in-life athleticism. Her longevity is a miracle, and she doesn’t deny it. “When you are 103, every day is a miracle. I just keep getting up and I’m here again”.

The woman has 4 children, 3 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Julia married to a physics professor at  Louisiana State University right after WW2, and lives with her family to this day.

Julia wants to be an inspiration to all elderly people to never stop moving and keep doing things that they are interested in.

“I’m glad I won 2 gold medals! It’s awe-inspiring to me to be able to do this”. says the woman.

Congratulations to the “Hurricane” on her big wins! Wish her a long and happy life!

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