After 12 days in coma, the woman was disconnected from the apparatus. And the husband whispered in her ear…

Lindy was found unconscious by her son. This 45-year-old woman stayed in coma for 12 day, and the doctors suggested disconnecting her from life support devices.

No one wanted this, but Lindy used to say that after her death she wanted to become an organ donor. So her relatives resigned themselves to this idea. Lindy’s whole family gathered around her. The husband and the children said goodbye to their wife and mother. Lindy says, she could clearly hear their words. And remembers everything they said till today.

At that moment her husband whispered in her ear: “Fight, dear! You need to keep fighting”. Everyone present was shocked by what happened next. The woman who didn’t move and talk at all, suddenly said: “I’m a fighter!”

Lindy is now getting better. She has proved how powerful the support of relatives and friends is. Her beloved husband’s words became a cure for her, saving her life.

In one of her interviews, Lindy said that being unconscious and losing your mind are not the same thing. She calls upon us not to forget to tell our loved ones about our feelings and constantly remind them how dear they are to us.

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