“Abandoned in front of an orphanage”: The Chinese Woman with Albinism Who Become a Vogue Model

She was born at the wrong place and time

In an ideal world, every child would have a loving family and orphanages would cease to exist. However, until that day arrives, we can take inspiration from stories like that of Xueli, a 16-year-old girl born with albinism in China.

Despite being born at the wrong place and time, she has become a successful model, even gracing the cover of Italian Vogue. But more than just using her popularity for personal gain, Xueli also seeks to dispel misunderstandings and stereotypes about hereditary diseases like albinism.

Unfortunately, due to China’s one-child policy, Xueli was abandoned by her parents and left at an orphanage, where she was named “Xue,” meaning snow, and “Lee,” meaning lovely. Luckily, a family from the Netherlands adopted her when she was three years old. It was during a fashion show that Xueli caught the eye of photographer Brock Elbank, who went on to feature her in “Vogue.” Her modeling career took off from there.

Despite her success, Xueli hasn’t forgotten the challenges faced by people with albinism, including weak eyesight and sensitivity to bright lights and skin damage.

Moreover, albinos face persecution in some African countries where they are hunted for their body parts for supposed mystical rituals. Xueli wants to use her platform to raise awareness of these issues and to challenge the fashion industry’s exploitation of albinos for their “angelic” image.

Xueli’s story is one of resilience and determination. Despite being rejected by her birth parents, she was fortunate enough to find a loving family. However, she doesn’t take her success for granted and seeks to help others facing similar circumstances. At only 16 years old, Xueli is a brave and inspiring role model.

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