A very emotional photo of a son holding his elderly, frail mother in his arms has touched the hearts of millions

This man from Taiwan carried his mother in his arms just as she used to do when he was a child. Someone took a photo of Ting Tzu-chi in Chi Mei Medical Center, Taiwan. His mother was in this hospital in 2012.

He wrapped her in a large piece of cloth and tied the ends around his neck. Taiwan News told, the photo immediately went viral. Ting was a retired investigator at the Ministry of Justice in Taiwan. His former colleagues said he was always loyal to his mother, so the photo was no surprise for them. In order to take care of his mother, the man even accepted a promotion once, that required him to move to Taipei, northern Taiwan. Ting applied for early retirement in 2007 to look after his mother suffering from heart failure and high blood pressure. She needed round the clock help.

Ting’s father passed away in 2007. He also explained why he wrapped his mother in a kind of sling. As his mother had broken her leg, Ting was afraid she would feel uncomfortable in a wheelchair.

“It wasn’t that hard to carry her like that. I just carried her in my arms because it was more comfortable”, said he.

Ting might say anything to hide all the emotions in the photo, but still this photo seems very…kind and devoted. Nowadays, this is a rare phenomenon to see.

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