“A totally different person”: how the boy from Indonesia weighing 200kg at the age of 10 changed

The percentage of people in the world suffering from obesity grows every year. The most terrifying thing is, that this threatens not only adults, but also children.

This boy from Indonesia – Arya Permana – became a real celebrity, due to him weighing 200kg at 10. 

His condition was painful for Arya. Because of this excess weight the little boy had no opportunity to actively spend his time with his peers. His pastime was limited with mobile games, sometimes he liked to lie in the pool.

However, he got bored of this kind of lifestyle. He decided to start looking after his health and appearance. The guy began to actively go to gym and achieved amazing results. By the age of 14, he could get rid of more than half of his weight. Now he is 80kg. 

Arya has no special secrets about achieving his goals. He just followed the instructions of his doctors and trainers, who worked with him the whole time, and, of course, he followed his diet. 

Because of weight-loss the skin on Arya’s body got loose. It was decided to cut it out with the help of experienced surgeons.

Arya claims, that he keeps losing weight and wants to become a role model for people facing the same problem.


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