A homeless man came to the beach every day to clean up the garbage there

This man with no job and no place to live, cleans up the garbage at the beach every day, so that the visitors can enjoy the sea and the landscape.

A businessman from Cape Town took a photo of the homeless man, and here’s how he commented on the photo:

“I knew, that this guy cleans the beach simply because he’s depressed by the garbage scattered everywhere. He wants the beach to be clean and beautiful. This is not his job. No one pays him for that. And still he keeps coming here every day.”

The photo quickly spread on the internet, and thanks to this, the life of homeless Dan changed.

First of all, he found a shelter with the help of social service workers. In addition, he got a job at  “Waste Management Organization”. He was appointed as a driver’s assistant. But as soon as Dan gets his driver’s license, he’ll be promoted.

This story teaches us to always be attentive to the people around us and always do good things, because “life is an echo – what you send out, comes back”.

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