A homeless man asked for food in this restaurant, but the owner gave him more than just food

Cizia Abigail is 25 and she owns a small restaurant. One day a homeless man named Marcus visited her restaurant. The man asked for food, and Cizia, instead of kicking him out of the building, did something incredible!

The girl asked Marcus why he didn’t want to find a job. The man answered he couldn’t because of his criminal past. At that moment Cizia decided that she wanted to help the poor man. She offered the man a part-time job in her restaurant as a dishwasher.

Marcus was incredibly happy, and said he would do anything for food. Before taking him to his new working place, Cizia offered him a sandwich. Later on she witnessed a very touching scene: this hungry man didn’t eat the sandwich right away. He immediately shared it in two halves and took one to a homeless woman.

Having worked responsibly for two weeks, Marcus got a permanent job.

Cizia shared this story on the internet to inspire much more people to do good deeds. Thousands of users welcomed her decision of hiring Marcus.

Of course, many people were outraged by her act. But the girl wrote she didn’t judge people by their appearance. And if a person wants to change, you should give him the chance to, especially if you have the opportunity.

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